The World Stage Gallery

World Stage is an educational and performance art space in Leimert Park Village, the heart of Los Angeles’ African American cultural community. It was founded in 1989 by the late world-renowned master jazz drummer Billy Higgins and by poet and community arts activist Kamau Daáood, in an attempt to fill a cultural void in the L.A. community. Initially formed as a loose collective of artists and arts supporters, The World Stage has grown to assume a pioneering and pivotal role in South L.A.’s music and art landscape.

The Stage’s mission is to secure, preserve and advance the position of African American music, literature and works in the oral tradition to a local, national and international audience. With a capacity of 100, The World Stage programs affordable weekly workshops in music and literary arts, and ticketed performances from a range of renowned artists.

Through its weekly workshops, The World Stage provides the community with quality arts education and links youth with elders in the African American cultural tradition. Workshops are generally offered to the public for $5 but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Offerings include Monday’s Drum Workshop for children of all ages, Tuesday’s Jazz Vocal Workshop and Jazz Vocal Jam, Wednesday’s Anansi Writer’s Workshop, Thursday’s Women’s African Drum Circle and Jazz Jam Session, Saturday’s Jazz Workshop, and Sunday’s Woodwind Workshop, Roots First Global History of Rhythm Class, and Sisters of Jazz Jam Session.

Performances at The World Stage generally occur on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please view our calendar for upcoming events.

The World Stage fosters exchange and interaction between artists of all ages and levels, and provides a place for self-discovery, experimentation and critical feedback in a nourishing environment. The fruits of this fertile mixture are the many notable alumni who have honed their creative skills through training and exposure at The World Stage. Some of these artists include musical groups B Sharp Jazz Quartet, Young World Stage All-Stars and Black Note; bestselling authors Michael Datcher and Jenoyne Adams; Pulitzer Prize nominee Ruth Forman; vocalist Dwight Trible; Sundance Film Fellow Nyesha Khalfani; author, poet, publisher and radio personality Peter J. Harris and many others. The World Stage also exposes the community to arts through regular jazz performances, poetry readings, and events such as the Kwanzaa Music Festival and an annual concert featuring nationally acclaimed artists.

4321 Degnan Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008

Phone: (323) 293-2451