The Scarab Club

The Scarab Club was founded in 1907 by a group of artists and art patrons. Originally called the Hopkin Club after noted maritime painter Robert Hopkin, the name was changed to the Scarab Club after Hopkin’s death in 1909. The choice for the new name reflected the popular enthusiasm for all things Egyptian and was inspired by the collection of carved scarabs held by club President James Swan. In 1913, the club became a formal entity with the adoption of by-laws, a board of elected officials and directors, and incorporation. In these early days, the club sponsored sketching from a live model, art talks and lectures, parties and other social events, art exhibitions, and other activities — the same kind of activities found in today’s Scarab Club — to showcase local art and educate the community about art.

During the early years, a number of locations around the city provided meeting space, but in October 1928, the current “clubhouse” opened its doors. The building’s architect, club member Lancelot Sukert (1888-1966) was chosen by the club’s member architects. The design, building construction, and architectural and decorative elements were all executed by the membership. Its idiosyncratic design, including the private walled garden, provides a unique setting for the myriad artistic and social events for which the Scarab Club is famous.

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