Deep Vellum Books

Deep Vellum began publishing in 2013. Today, we’re the largest publisher of literature in translation in the US. In 2015, we opened this little indie bookstore on the corner on Commerce and Walton in Deep Ellum. We carry (almost) all the works we published and many other good books.

Like to read? Come visit. Want to like to read? Come visit.

We’ve got a little bit of everything, a lot of literary fiction, and an underrated poetry section.

Ask us to introduce you to your new favorite novel, join a book club, have a cup of coffee, pet the shop dog, buy a tote bag, get invited to a private concert on our roof… the possibilities are endless.

Our shop is small, but we contain multitudes. Don’t believe us? Here's a link to our events calendar.

Not in Dallas? You can support us online when you shop at Bookshop.org.

Prefer audiobook? Check us out on Libro.fm.

3000 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX, 75226

Phone: (469) 781-4881
Email: admin@deepvellum.org

Hours: Open daily 12PM-6PM